Carl completed his degree in Art & Design in 1989 at Bradford Art College. He then went onto establish himself as a ceramicist, exhibiting nationally in galleries including Charleston House – home of the Omega Workshops.

Whilst studying on Derby Universities MA in Art Therapy between 2005 and 2008, Carl began his interest in creating paintings that incorporate doodles, motifs and often scrawled, half legible cryptic references. Carl’s continuing use of this imagery attempts to explore what we often choose to conceal, hide or repress in ourselves, and by engaging with this material Carl seeks to communicate a more complex, and nuanced expression of individual identity.

Undoubtedly Carl’s particular family history, (his father as an eight year old boy was evacuated from Bilbao to Britain after the bombing of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War), and the trans generational impact of conflict and displacement have also contributed towards Carl’s particular evolution as an artist.

Through integrating all of these varied and complex elements in his artwork it has been said that Carl’s paintings act as a kind of visual poetry that are an inevitable expression of thought and emotion.