Re-drawing the Boundaries with Alli Neal

Upstairs at the Chapel

Saturday 8th September 2018, 10am-1pm



Drawing is the basis of most visual practice, whether it’s a research tool or a major area of exploration, but it’s horribly easy to fall in to the habit of always working in the same way, always using the same materials, always getting the same end result. We don’t question our practice because what we do works but our habits may be preventing us from exploring and developing something even more exciting.

This one day workshop gives you the chance to re-explore your approach to drawing and to reconsider its place within your own practice. It gives you the opportunity to explore, with other practitioners, different approaches to drawing, to question why we work as we do, to question what drawing actually is and what it might be. It will help you to re-energize your drawing practice. It will also be fun.

Alli Neal left her job as head of the BA in Fine Art at the Hereford College of Arts to complete a PhD on contemporary drawing practice. She is now concentrating on developing her own drawing and painting practice.

£25 Booking Essential