A roomful of new Kumar Saraff paintings…

Kumar Saraff. Mountain oil on canvas lighter 1

Kumar SaraffMountain – oil on canvas 91 x 122cm

Kumar Saraff. Mountain Study I & II watercolour 1

Kumar SaraffMountains Studies – watercolours 13 x 17cm

Come and see a roomful of glorious local landscapes by Kumar Saraff. Kumar studied painting at the Royal Academy Schools, where he won several awards and prizes, including the David Murray travel scholarship for landscape painting and a silver medal for excellence in painting.

You can also see new displays by some of our regular artists. Stunning new handmade, hand stitched jewellery by Amanda Caines, watercolours by Steve Brockett and slip-decorated earthenware by Dylan Bowen.

Dylan Bowen earthenware 1

Dylan BowenMedium plate & tall vessels – slip-decorated earthenware

Steve Brockett. watercolours 1

Steve Brockettwatercolours


Amanda CainesNautical Brooch hand shaped pottery, purse frame, fabric & stitch work