Art Media: Ceramics

Jazmin Velasco

Jazmin was from Guadalajara, Mexico where she studied graphic design and illustration. She moved to Mexico City to study oil painting and printmaking, while working as a cartoonist for a national newspaper. Years and years later she moved to London where she continued to illustrate books. In Autumn 2005 she joined Greenwich Printmakers Association and later… Read more »

Jane Bowen

Jane graduated from Camberwell School of Art in 1989, then worked in a pottery in Delhi, and potteries in North Devon before apprenticing to Clive Bowen. Jane set up her first pottery in Northmoor in 1995, and now works from her studio in Tackley with husband Dylan. Influences include traditional European slipware, Japanese ceramics, Staffordshire… Read more »

Louise Brosnan MA RCA

Louise graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art in 1988, after a printmaking extended study course and Fine Arts degree at Camberwell School of Arts. Since then she has successfully worked in many other art forms including textiles, film/animation and ceramics, with a recent dedicated return to painting. Louise’s work draws on… Read more »

Clementina van der Walt

Clementina has been a significant force in South African ceramics for the last three decades. Here is an artist working with a unique purity and vibrancy, from outside the British ceramic tradition. ‘I am in search for meaning and the expression of meaning in everyday items used for both utilitarian and ritual purposes. I am… Read more »

Daniel Smith

Since graduating from the celebrated Harrow Ceramics course in 1994, Daniel has worked from the same East London studio he helped establish. This continuity is reflected in his work with a commitment to exploring the same family of useful forms – plates, bowls, cups, jugs, vases. All pieces are hand-thrown porcelain with a pared down… Read more »

Dylan Bowen

‘I make wheel thrown and handbuilt slip decorated earthenware, fired in an electric kiln. I would say all the work is functional. Working with slip is for me all about the moment, everything else is preparation for that. I prepare the materials, plans, ideas and myself and then stop thinking and act. Sometimes it works… Read more »

Helen Beard

My ceramic work combines my sketches and observations of our everyday lives with a simple and fresh domestic pot. Looking at people, their actions and their surroundings, I illustrate the funny things from the way we live that bring humour and joy. Using my pots as a canvas, I boldly draw directly onto the white… Read more »

Jacqueline Leighton Boyce

Jacqueline’s ceramic work draws inspiration from her immediate landscape. The pieces are extremely personal and solitary, displaying a simple and sometimes romantic narrative that is acquired from living within and exploring Exmoor on foot. The handbuilt vessel form is prosaic rather than purely functional, with titles that are quite suggestive and evocative, inviting closer scrutiny…. Read more »

James & Tilla Waters

‘Our pots are in the tradition of functional domestic wares, however we conceive and evaluate them increasingly in aesthetic terms. Subtle qualities – the degree of curve in a bowl for instance – hopefully result in work which is pleasing to live with beyond being simply nice to use. We are conscious of our place… Read more »

James Burnett-Stuart

James trained at Harrow College, made ranges of tableware for The Conran Shop, Designer’s Guild and Egg. Pots from this period were often featured in magazines like World of Interiors, Elle Decoration and Country Living. He has held solo shows of more individual pieces at The Scottish Gallery (Edinburgh), Egg (London) and Charleston Farmhouse (E.Sussex)…. Read more »