Art Media: Painting

Susie Bright

Since graduating in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 1999 and then moving to South Wales in 2001, Susie’s work has evolved from the wild and vivid paintings of the Welsh Mountain weather in all its beauty and terror to look more closely at the environment of this special landscape. Her work has become more… Read more »

Thomasin Toohie

‘… Strange things catch my eye. Something I have seen for the first time. It may be an atmosphere (indefinable) or it may be as simple as an arrangement of shapes and colours. I like urban settings, places which humans have humanised. I like the way shadows fall across different surfaces, the way light plays… Read more »

William Brown

William Brown was born in Toronto, Canada in 1953 and died in Wales, 2008. He was a prolific painter and printmaker whose work was informed by poetry, literature and travel. He collaborated with poets and writers producing glorious black and white lino, wood block and silk sreen prints. William exhibited widely in Britain and overseas… Read more »