A Festive Feast with Rosie Sykes

Abergavenny Food Festival

Upstairs at the Chapel

Friday 15th September 2017, 7.30pm

Enjoy a memorable supper with chef, Rosie Sykes, using recipes taken from her acclaimed, recently published book ‘The Sunday Night Book’. For menu see our kitchen page

Angela Hartnett ‘Rosie is one of the great cooks of our time – so humble, brilliant ideas, wonderful cooking and writing you want to read over and over again… Rosie cooks the food you want to eat all the time – unpretentious and delicious.’

Fergus Henderson ‘The Sunday Night Book tells a story I couldn’t be happier with. Ideas for delicious food for the weekend often pop up through the week and these often get altered on a Sunday night; having seen the book, Rosie can alter my food any time!’

Shaun Hill ‘Rosie Sykes is a proper cook who cooks proper food with flair and skill. These recipes are all achievable but, more than that, very desirable even on nights other than Sunday. Excellent book.’

Rosie Sykes is a chef, writer and consultant. She has worked with Joyce Molyneux, Shaun Hill and Margot Henderson and co-authored the ‘The Kitchen Revolution’. Rosie set up the critically acclaimed gastropub the Sutton Arms in London’s Smithfields and is now development chef for the much-loved meat, beer & bread specialist the Pint Shop in Cambridge and Oxford.

£50 Includes a signed copy of 'The Sunday Night Book'. Booking Essential 01873 736430