Abergavenny Writing Festival – Writing for wellbeing

Upstairs at the Chapel

Saturday 13th April 2019, 4.15-5.30pm

Join creative writing tutor Sharon Brace for this practical workshop at the Chapel.

Personal writing is believed to be good for you and is often considered a practice in self-care as it is a way of checking in with yourself, a way to relieve stress and create personal meaning. It is also a way to let go of things which are no longer beneficial and aids in gaining insight into our own motivations and actions by giving voice to our own stories. All of which promote wellbeing by releasing the negativities of the past and aiding in identifying and embracing future goals. It can quiet anxiety, encourage calm and bolster intention or just provide a way to tell your story. Whichever is most applicable, come along and have a scribble!

Sharon Brace gained an M.A. in Creative Writing from Cardiff University, having harboured the instinct and desire to write since childhood. She now works as a Creative Writing tutor in several settings and is employed by Monmouthshire County Council. She is also engaged in running Creative Writing for wellbeing workshops for the charities Women’s Aid and Mind,and is writing on her own novel.

Online tickets available here.

Tickets £7.