Drawing Workshop with Pam Wright & Claire Burgoyne

Upstairs at the Chapel

Wednesday 9th November 2016, 10am-4pm

Would you like to cross the boundaries of words, images and sounds through drawing to see where they may take you? Are you curious about what drawing could be for you?

Come to this two-day workshop which will help you discover your own visual language. Second date is on Wednesday 16th November.

What is the workshop about?

This workshop will offer an insight into how the process of drawing can be a platform from which to discover your own visual language. Through exploring different drawing approaches it will help you to further your awareness of the connection between what you see, feel and understand and the paradox that when we lose ourselves we find ourselves more fully. When working creatively we engage mind and heart.

 Who is the workshop for?

This workshop is for you if you are interested in communicating creatively. You may have little drawing experience or you may be an artist or designer who would like to stand back from your own practice.

Pam Wright and Claire Burgoyne met whilst both working at Hereford College of Arts. They have continued to work collaboratively exploring their interests in how to communicate ideas through drawing.

£60 for a two-day workshop. Booking Essential