Upstairs at the Chapel

Friday 28th October 2022, 4-5.30PM / 7.30-9.00PM


SAMHAIN – Fire Festival – end of the season of growth and the beginning the Celtic New Year

“Let go of that which doesn’t serve you so that you can rest uncluttered. Enjoy the peace and the darkness as you dream new dreams and see new potential”

Lie down, close your eyes and immerse yourself in wave upon wave of profound resonance. These meditations, brimming with healing sound waves, resonate every cell in your body, stilling the mind, relaxing the body and soothing the spirit, and they enable powerful shifts to take place, bringing positive change.

You will be asked to bring a mat, a blanket and comfortable clothing. Gongs are powerful instruments of change that resonate through your body like a massage, the effects of which should last for several days after the session.

Chrys Blanchard has lead workshops, composed music and lead choirs for 42 years. She creates and directs a number of projects for education, theatre and community as well as running a sound-healing workshop in Abergavenny’s Nevill Hall Hospital for the last 7 years.

Two sessions to choose from 4-5.30pm / 7.30-9pm.  Arrive 15mins before start.

Tickets £15 available at The Art Shop and at the Chapel. Booking essential as space is limited