Printmaking Workshop – ‘Inky days’ with Adrienne Craddock

Upstairs at the Chapel

Thursday 21st March 2024, 10am-4pm


Share Adrienne’s love of Monoprinting. This process is a single (mono meaning ‘one’), printed image and a very painterly form of printmaking.

You will use clear acrylic sheet which is inked with rollers or painted onto and the ink drawn into with tools or rags. You can print several layers on top of each other and create a depth of colour. The plate will be printed onto paper through the chapel’s lovely vintage etching press.

Adrienne Says – ‘ I find monoprinting a seductive process, that captures the energy of brushstrokes and mark making. It enables you to make ‘paintings’ reasonably swiftly, and mixing the coloured viscose inks on the plate is a satisfyingly child like indulgence. Who hasn’t taken pleasure in applying paint to a surface – as we did as school children when we folded paper in half and made ‘symmetrical’ butterfly images – to see what image will appear.’

£95 includes lunch at the Chapel, refreshments and all materials. Booking is essential as places are limited. Please contact either The Art Shop or Chapel.