Drawing from a Still Life with Kumar Saraff

Upstairs at the Chapel

Sunday 1st July 2018, 10am-1pm


A rare opportunity to stretch your experimental practice with Royal Academy Schools trained artist Kumar Saraff. A theatrical setup in the centre of the upstairs of the Chapel allows you to experiment with tone and light, through an ever-changing composition. One not to be missed!
Kumar is known for his paintings exploring the transient moments of life.  Form often breaks down and pose questions to the viewer in his beautiful works. He had a solo exhibition at The Art Shop earlier this year.

Kumar Saraff studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, going onto study painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Here he won several awards and prizes, including the David Murray travel scholarship for landscape painting and a silver medal for excellence in painting. After graduation Kumar worked within the Art and Design department of a large west London further education college before relocating to Mid-Wales to paint full time in 2002.

£35 Booking Essential