The Kakatsitsi Master Drummers

Upstairs at the Chapel

Friday 18th November 2022, 8pm

An evening with the KAKATSITSI MASTER DRUMMERS from Ghana performing upstairs at the Chapel.

During the afternoon there will be an incredible opportunity to learn from the masters themselves in a drumming and dance workshop (see details below).

 Kakatsitsi are a group of traditional drummers, dancers and singers from the Ga tribe of Southern Ghana, with their roots in the fishing community of Jamestown, Accra. Their music takes traditional rhythms and chants from their own Ga tradition and those of a variety of other West African cultures, rearranging them in a modern and accessible way. Since 1996, Kakatsitsi have toured the UK 15 times, including high profile performances at WOMAD, Glastonbury and many other festivals and venues. The recent addition of a strong dance element, to complement the already outstanding drumming and singing components, has established Kakatsitsi as one of the leading drumming groups in Africa. Their performances are both richly entertaining and educational, giving audiences an insight into one of Africa’s richest drumming and dance cultures.

Kakatsitsi’s music combines traditional drumming grooves played on a wide variety of West African drums with traditional chants sung in six part harmony, the quality of which sets them above most dance-led traditional African groups.


This drumming and dance workshop is a unique chance to learn from the masters! You will learn some of the different techniques used in creating different sounds and rhythms from traditional djebme and kpanlogo drums, and the final session will be a “follow the leader” style dance lesson. All abilities welcome, suitable for ages 9+.

Concert adult ticket £18 / Concert child ticket £11. Workshop adult ticket £25 / Workshop child ticket £12 available at The Art Shop and at the Chapel. Booking Essential. Online booking fee £1