Two-Day Drawing Workshop with Pam Wright & Claire Burgoyne

Upstairs at the Chapel

Wednesday 19th April 2017, 10am-4pm

Pam Wright and Claire Burgoyne are back by popular demand to run a second two-day drawing workshop at the Chapel. First date is Wednesday 19th April followed by Wednesday 26th April.

Each of us sees and responds to the world in our own unique way. How do we go about discovering our own creative identity, and how do we find are own language that expresses for us what we have discovered. This workshop will offer an insight into how the process of drawing can be a platform from which to discover this for yourself.

This two day drawing workshop is written to help you further understand the connection between what you see, feel and understand about your own creative identity. The workshop will begin with a conversation between 2 people who both use drawing as a way of visualizing the world in their own distinctive style.

Day one: will begin with a series of alternative drawing approaches that enables you to see the world in different ways and open up unexpected possible starting points from which to work. We will explore ways of producing different visual languages eg: sound drawings, memory mapping, drawing with light, data drawing, etc. that will become a collection of mark making personal to you. We will also be working with rhythm, poetry and music. A home activity will be set in response to the days work, and in preparation for day two.

Day two: will begin with a shared conversation between all the participants in response to the home activity as you begin to search more deeply into what has made you curious. As the day proceeds, you will be supported as you follow your instinctual responses to see where they lead. This will be underpinned by additional activities.

Expected Outcomes: Experimental drawings / A body of work on which to base future practice / An ability to reflect and evaluate on a personal level / An understanding of your own creative identity / New ways of seeing the inner and outer world

Pam Wright and Claire Burgoyne met whilst both working at Hereford College of Arts. They have continued to work collaboratively exploring their interests in how to communicate ideas through drawing.

£60 for a two-day workshop. Booking Essential