‘Printing without a Press’ – Two-Day Workshop with Ruth Barrett-Danes

Upstairs at the Chapel

Friday 29th - Saturday 30th April 2022, 10am-4.30pm

This course is aimed at all abilities. You will be experimenting with colour and mark making to create a wonderful array of different effects using textured materials, stencils and paper mask templates. You will learn about the inks and papers that help you generate these exciting images and all without a press. You will have the opportunity to cut a simple lino block and by over layering the image with stencils and masking create unique monoprint images. With the experience from this workshop you will be able to continue your own explorations with the minimum of equipment at home and on the kitchen table!

Day 1 – Using blank lino blocks to explore the range of marks that can be achieved by the use of simple templates and impressing textures from found materials and stencils. Initial colours are printed and then further layers are added to build a more complex image. Practicing overprinting, using inks, rolling up and hand burnishing. These processes can be carried on at home.

Day 2 – Cutting a simple design into lino, printing by hand and using the experiences of the previous day. Throughout the course there will be plenty of examples of the process and refence material to help with the imagery.

Ruth Barrett-Danes is a ceramicist and printmaker whose own work reflects the brooding and sinister landscapes of Dartmoor and the Black Mountains where she lived.

£190 for two days, includes lunch, refreshments and all materials. Printmaking tools will be available to buy at a special price from The Art Shop. Booking is essential as places are limited. Please contact either The Art Shop or Chapel..