Artist: Flora McLachlan

Songs of Spring

Upstairs at The Art Shop, Cross Street  PAINTINGS, DRAWINGS & PRINTMAKING STEVE BROCKETT’s semi-abstract canvases are distilled thoughts, thick with symbolic figures and animals, historic references and mythical reimagining. They are immersed in the rich earthy hues and potent skies intrinsic to the landscapes of Spain that inspire his work. The content and technique of his paintings… Read more »

Summer Show 2023 – A Spectrum of coloured Light

UPSTAIRS AT THE ART SHOP, CROSS STREET A seasonal summer collection… Works on paper including etchings, monoprints, collages and drawings; alongside paintings on canvas, fabric and cradled board; and new displays of jewellery and ceramics. Please enquire if you would like to see more work by any of our artists. Arts Council of Wales Collectorplan scheme available for the… Read more »

Gallery in a Restaurant – The Power of Enchantment

The Art Shop, Abergavenny is curating regular exhibitions at the Michelin starred restaurant, the Walnut Tree Inn, showing works by some of our most dynamic and creative artists. Come and enjoy innovative and delicious dishes by one of Britain’s finest chefs, Shaun Hill, and sit amongst art by young, emerging artists and more established stars. An atmosphere… Read more »

Long Winter Show – The Power of Enchantment

Upstairs at The Art Shop, Cross Street and downstairs at the Chapel, Market Street Myths, legends and other worlds – the curious, the fabled and playful – have been the inspiration for the artists in this exhibition.  Works on paper including etchings, lithographs, monotypes and drawings; alongside paintings on canvas and board; and diverse and intriguing… Read more »