Private View Saturday 18th March 1-4pm, upstairs at The Art Shop

Painted people & curious creatures

An exhibition of prints, paintings, mixed media and boxes, including a gallery installation ‘The Artists’ Floor’ – collage arrangement for public involvement and interaction.

Adrienne Craddock – I have been enjoying exploring monoprinting over the last year or two and ‘The Garden’ is a series of work I have been making inspired by the Adam and Eve story. It’s loosely based on musings in the garden, experiences of love, life and the serpent lurking in the undergrowth. The box reliefs came about after making some small bronze Artist Medals for an exhibition at the Sladmore Gallery in London. Working on such a small scale, making the modelling clay pieces that the bronze was cast from was a refreshing experience. These became the art work itself and moulding, sanding and painting these small items and creating dioramas with inspiration from historic paintings to folk art has become a playful obsession.’

Shellie Byatt‘I am fascinated by stories in words and images, and how we use them to help us make sense of the world and, in particular, human relationships. I like ambiguity and riddles and try to include these in my images. My boxed pieces developed from making clay maquettes for small bronzes for an exhibition at the Sladmore Gallery in London. I have developed the work with clay to include paint and fabric. I trained at Goldsmiths and was lucky enough to be taught by Betty Swanwick and Constance Howard who both kindly encouraged me in my work and set high standards which I still attempt to achieve!’