This new exhibition of fresco panels by Charles & Lianne Snell of ASTER MURO is a colourful celebration of natural abundance, joy and reconnection. On display throughout the Chapel, Market Street

“Hello, sun in my face.
Hello, you who made the morning
and spread it over the fields
and into the faces of the tulips
and the nodding morning glories,
and into the windows of, even, the
miserable and the crochety – ” … (Mary Oliver)

“With the ‘Hello Sun’ frescoes we wanted to celebrate summertime at its best, full of gratitude for the abundance, green, life and colour in the garden, the happiness the season brings – but also to capture a sense of re-opening and reconnecting. We were also inspired by the uplifting, poignant and eye-opening poetry of Mary Oliver and by Joan Mitchell and Matisse’s work.”

Each fresco was created in an intense window of time, working with the setting pigmented plaster, using trowels, spatulas and blades, layering, stripping back and mark-making. Some strokes are broad and vigorous whilst others are gentle and comforting, using hand-mixed colours, and a process that is both methodical and expressive. There are lines, curves, and bursts of blossom, or splash-like, markings. Intriguing details, blends and layers can be found, and intangible, eternal landscapes are suggested.

The smaller frescoes took form in the Aster Muro studio near Abergavenny, with the larger pieces coming to life in a temporary studio set up in The Chapel, taking note of the verdant courtyard garden outside designed by Sarah Price.

The frescoes are conceived and developed by Charles and Lianne, and painted by Charles. Their creations have been likened to watercolour, tapestry and print-making, chiming with notes of Turner, Rothko, Richter and Degas. In their work they encourage people to be present and experience emotive moments of truth.

British artists Charles Snell and Lianne Snell founded Aster Muro studio in 2017. With a small multi-disciplinary team, they create site- specific abstract fresco murals and panel collections for residential, commercial and hospitality projects in the UK and Europe. To each installation they bring an overarching focus on creating uplifting experiences and re-connecting people, art and architecture. As well exhibiting annually at design shows and art galleries, their frescoes have been featured in Design Week, Country Life and Times Property. Aster Muro has created the largest contemporary fresco in the UK in MediaCityUK, Manchester.

Charles studied at Chelsea College of Art, London, and Lianne at the University of Oxford. Before founding Aster Muro, together they ran a creative agency for eight years, alongside a letterpress and screenprinting studio.

Collectorplan Interest Free Credit Scheme available, provided by the Arts Council of Wales.