Life-size figurative kites & paintings

Steve’s paintings are inspired by wide open skies and the raw, often uncompromising landscapes of Wales and Almeria in Spain. He uses light and shadow, the deep red hues of the iron enriched soil through to the palest of buffs contrasting with the deepest black darkness to reflect the qualities of earth and sky in order to evoke feelings of history, belonging and continuity.

His semi-abstract work incorporates symbolic figures, animals, birds set in evocative landscapes; spaces where flying is an integral part of dreaming. Receptacles of time, these places are emotion filled spaces, where stories can be told, questions posed – where the physicality of the landscape is more than a backdrop and has an active and dynamic role. His figurative kites also manifest this quality of imagining – hovering in a dreamscape, observing, looking down upon the space below.

The works on display will be a product of Steve’s relationship to place and space and his deep attachment to the landscapes that preoccupy him. Painting and paragliding (flying) overlaid by his memories and experiences have intermingled and afforded him a unique creative perspective.

Kites have been a part of my life for many years. Kites are the soul, they are longing and desire; they convey our deepest wishes – cast free, held by a single line, they tug not just on your hand but deep within. My recent kites are human scale, black and white and initially inspired by the Selknam Tribe’s painted body decoration from Tierra del Fuego in southern Patagonia. I like to challenge our preconception of the kite as a colourful child plaything; I prefer to explore the darker nature of ourselves and let loose these ideas skywards.’

Steve is based in Llanfoist, though he has spent many years living in Spain. He is a painter, maker and aerial photographer. This exhibition will display his recent paintings and his internationally renowned kite work spanning over 30 years of endeavour.

Arts Council of Wales Collectorplan scheme available. More information via the link below.