Upstairs at the Chapel

Private view & talk with the artist Friday 13th May 7pm

An installation of very large wood cut prints taken from elm planks onto silk fibre paper.

‘I use fish, birds, animals, insects and the main subject matter is their relationship to the environment and to us. Eels, trout and salmon are all migratory fish. They have interested me all my life. I grew up in East Anglia. I have also always been interested in bees, at one time working with hundreds of colonies.

The prints taken from the blocks have a light, airy quality, the opposite to the nature of the wood itself. As the printed paper comes up off the block it’s a bit like the spirit of the fossilized wood.’

Some of Julian’s work is constructed and drawn on the landscape – whales and fish, images 100’s of feet long. His printmaking images come from these found objects, for example, planked elm or ash tree for the Blue Whale wood cuts.

Julian has work in many collections including a Sperm Whale wood cut print 13 x 45ft hanging in the Whale Hall of the Natural History Museum, London. He is a Royal West of England Academician.

Julian will be running Wood Block Printing Workshops on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th May. There will be further dates towards the end of the exhibition. See our events page for more details.