‘For the last 30 years as a pilot of powered paragliders my world has been one of aerial viewpoints, travelling to capture landscapes in many different locations across Europe.

Detachment from the earth fulfils a huge psychological need. I find inspiration, objectivity, and embrace the abstract – seeing the patterns that earth and sky create. The space above us, to me is a real physical space one full of huge energy, potential and sensations. The transitory play of shadow and form along with the surprising and incidental discoveries I can capture in my aerial photography feeds in to all my work.

I lived in the Spanish mountains of Almeria for a decade before returning to Wales. The landscape there can be remote, desolate and at times uncompromising. Yet at the same time the open skies, the rich colours, the qualities and variety of the earth, coated by thousands of almond trees engender a sense of history, continuity and belonging.

Growing up and studying in South Wales, I often reflect on why I feel such an inescapable affinity and attachment to the desert landscape. It is the openness, the liminal relationship of earth and horizon and the sense of richness and space that draw me in and engender a feeling of calm and rightness. Painting and paragliding (flying) have intermingled and afforded me a unique creative perspective. The infinite variety of light and shade is inspired by the relationship between ground and sky, earth and air. From both viewpoints I can experience the light and shadow, the deep red hues of the iron enriched soil through to the palest of buffs contrasting with the deepest black darkness and shadows. Rural life, the culture and rhythms of the land continue to captivate me and inspire my work.

The oblique and long shadows cause ephemeral worlds to be created under my feet. Flying makes these visible – our paths, our patterns, our ways.’  Steve Brockett 2024

  • * Steve is currently exhibiting a selection of paintings in our SPRING SHOW upstairs at The Art Shop until 30 March.


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