Two friends, Kim Atkinson and Noëlle Griffiths have spent time together in the landscape looking, listening and drawing what they see and hear. They meet each season at two locations close to their homes: mountain woodland and upland in Snowdonia and the coastal headland of the Llyn peninsula. These intense times of looking and being in the landscape have become the starting point for many of the pieces of work in this exhibition.

Kim Atkinson made the Clifftop Sounds paintings on the headland overlooking Bardsey, recording the sounds of the sea, seabirds and wind during the changing seasons. The Upland Mire series results from drawings made on the lower slopes of Snowdonia.

‘When I’m out walking, writing in my notebook is as important as drawing. It is a form of gathering and of understanding nature in its detail: the way birds, plants, rocks, weather make up a landscape.’

Noëlle Griffiths is showing five unique artist’s books Dawn to Dusk. On each of the Solstices and Equinoxes and on Midsummer’s Day, she recorded in words, drawings and photographs the sounds she heard hourly from dawn to dusk. Paintings related to this experience are titled Sounds in the Air and Sounds in the Trees. The series of paintings and artist’s books Island use her drawings made on the headland overlooking the island of Bardsey.

‘Increasingly my paintings concentrate on making visual the experience of being in the landscape. In each painting I want to create an atmosphere. Balancing ideas and memory with a more intuitive handling of surface and colour.’