This exhibition is held upstairs at the Chapel, Market Street.

With supporting material by Architects, Loyn & Co.

Time & Place is an exhibition of paintings and sculpture by Philippa Robbins that examines landscape undergoing deliberate change, erosion and renascence.

In 2009 Philippa was invited by the architect Chris Loyn to shadow his Stormy Castle project in Gower as Artist in Residence. Over the following 4 years a body of work developed documenting the projects progress, as the original building was cleared and a new dwelling was constructed.

The architectural design came to win many prestigious awards; RIBA Welsh Architecture Award 2014, National Eisteddfod Gold Medal 2014; Concrete Society 2014 Building Category Winner, and CIBSE South Wales Region Sustainable Project of the Year Award 2013. Situated in a designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, the building features 3 stepped wings set into the hillside and is designed to change and settle within its surrounding landscape, thereby minimising any impact upon the rural locality.

Philippa bore witness to this transition; the demolition of the old building and its resurrection as the new, the process of deliberate and incidental change, and the relationship between the natural and the designed. The intimate studies that resulted find an abstract beauty in the process and ask us, the viewer to engage with the transitory nature of creation.