Private View Saturday 4th March 1-4pm upstairs at the Chapel, Market Street

Life-size figurative kites & aerial photographs

Steve Brockett’s life long passion is to inhabit the air and populate it with creations.

‘When I am in the air, suspended from my paraglider, I seek to capture an essence of the world. I am drawn to the abstraction, the mark making and the colour fields I see – the ordered nature of man’s touch on the landscape and sometimes, so very often, by the poetry of the unintentional. It’s a fluid ethereal landscape from above where definition and form change constantly with the light.

Kites have been a part of my life for many years. Kites are the soul, they are longing and desire; they convey our deepest wishes – cast free, held by a single line, they tug not just on your hand but deep within. My recent kites are human scale, black and white and initially inspired by the Selknam Tribe’s painted body decoration from Tierra del Fuego in southern Patagonia. I like to challenge our preconception of the kite as a colourful child plaything; I prefer to explore the darker nature of ourselves and let loose these ideas skywards.’

Born in Worthing UK, Steve moved to Wales as a child and undertook his professional training in Fine Art at Cardiff. Since1985 he has developed an international reputation for Kite Art.