Tania Mosse

‘All the work on show has been made in response to nature. The bronzes started as waxes modeled directly from natural forms. I then juxtaposed parts of these to form new objects. The stone sculpture is inspired more directly from nature and the landscape. I make small studies in clay or plasticine. I then use this information to inform my carving.’

Tania was born in Kilkenny, Ireland. She took a degree in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art and a Diploma in Art Therapy at Goldsmiths in London some years layer. Her publicly commissioned works include numerals for the refectory of University College, Dublin and a sculpture and stone seat for the Royal Russell School, London to name a few.

Josh Partridge

‘In these recent paintings I am linking back to my roots in the Welsh landscape, to the farm on the Pembrokeshire/Cardiganshire border where I grew up, the area which was for many years the main inspiration for my work.

The Abergavenny hillsides have a monumental quality and rise more steeply than the Preselis in Pembrokeshire, but this Monmouthshire landscape is nevertheless deeply familiar. I work with watercolour, gouache and wax, building up layers of colour. As the paintings develop and I feel more confident, I begin to work on a larger scale, responding more freely to any watercolour ‘accidents’ and retaining a greater degree of freshness. Whilst moving toward more abstraction, in emphasising shapes, I attempt to keep a balance between formal painterly qualities and the essential feeling of the landscape.’