DOWNSTAIRS AT THE CHAPEL – An exhibition of graduate work from BA, MA and INC Space, Cardiff School of Art and Design.

How pleased we are to exhibit work by recent Cardiff graduates. We were incredibly impressed by the quality, innovativeness and maker skills of all submissions.

‘There is a curious period of time immediately following an art student’s graduation, one filled with excitement, expectation and at the same time accompanied by certain trepidation.

Whilst the university provides a buffer of support, encouraging the highest level of experimentation, testing out of possibilities and recognition of serendipity, graduation can feel exposing of such recently emerging practices.

It is the energy of taking risks however, of asserting new ways of thinking amongst peers and a wider artistic field that makes a ‘transition’ exhibition so very rich and intriguing.

So, as you walk around these artworks view them not simply as images or objects but rather points at which conclusions have been drawn after rigorous discussion, arguments and reconciliations made between intelligent hands and often difficult materials.

View this exhibition as a platform for new voices to be heard for the first time, in close proximity to the prestigious Eisteddfod in the professional realm of The Art Shop & Chapel, Abergavenny.’

Dr. Natasha Mayo, Subject Lead Ceramics, Cardiff School of Art ad Design, Cardiff Metropolitan University.