The Art Shop is holding a special exhibition, the first of many we hope, on Book Art. This is an opportunity to see and buy one-off and small limited editions and related artwork by book artists from around the world. You will see many examples of working methods, both traditional and contemporary, from screenprinting, etching and woodcuts to modern digital processes; from one-off, luxurious, hand produced pieces of artwork, to small, very affordable limited editions.

A collective of artists from the UK, USA and Australia founded by Noelle Griffiths in 2005, will be showing alongside five artists with prize winning works from Libri Mai Mai Visti (Books Never Ever Seen), an international competition and exhibition of Book Art. Over the years, each artist has developed a personal itinerary in this new artistic discipline: Giovannini with woodcuts, Ibba with playful illustrations, Reviati with the pictorial book and Zannoni with engravings. And the 2006 prize winner, Welsh writer and artist, Mary Denise Matthews with her idiosyncratic story for children about a goose. In addition there will be work by Prashant Miranda from India, and the painter Sarah Thwaites, whom many of you will already know.

VACA is a cultural association and artist collective that organises Libri Mai Mai Visti and publishes and promotes artist books, run with the enthusiasm of its founder Walter Pretolani, a passionate bibliophile. VACA have produced many highly commended films written and directed from within their organisation.