For a second year, The Art Shop is hosting ‘Unfolding’ – an exhibition of Book Art – books as contemporary artworks. This is an exciting, diverse and informative exhibition. A unique opportunity to see new work by a collective of artists from around the world showing one-off, hand produced pieces of artwork and affordable small limited editions. Alongside an exciting collection by Jessie Chorley, who is also running a series of workshops. Showing for the first time is Ignition, with two-dimensional work and book art.

Once again we have the prize winner of Libri Mai Mai Visti (Books Never Ever Seen), the international competition and exhibition of Book Art now in its 14th year. Cecilia Coppola’s work is a book of ceramic teapots inspired by traditional fairy tales.

‘Love and passion for the artist’s book is drawing more and more enthusiasts, amateurs and collectors who are attracted by both the fascination of the object – artwork and the intimacy of the enjoyment proper to a fine book that asks to be touched, leafed through and savoured… the beauty of the materials, the elegance of the paging and bindings and the refinement of the illustrations embellishing it…’

(Luisa Pretolani from VACA, the cultural association who organises Libri Mai Mai Visti)