Upstairs at The Art Shop

We have uncovered a small, dynamic collection of unseen paintings and works on paper. Signed, original relief block prints will be available.

“I could begin by stating that I was raised (very Kipling) by bears or wolves but that wouldn’t be the whole truth. In fact, I was born of Scots parents in Toronto, 50-odd years ago. Story telling – and listening both were inculcated early and I seized on stories/myths/ legends/folk customs. Working, as I do these days in the Llynfi Valley, I am drawn (and painting and printmaking) to various peculiar local themes. Travel, books, poetry inspire me and I readily associate with writers and poets. I hope that my colours and fooling around with ideas is balanced/ tempered by a more serious bent and enable me to reshape/retell/ adjust some of the stories told at the back of the cave – the cranium. A defining trait of human nature is, I believe, imagination – at once the alleviation of tedium, the bringing of a sense of fun and maybe – just maybe – illumination.

William Brown, Penybont ar Ogwr, Toronto, Tunis etc.

Ps. It’s probably true that painters should not talk about what/why they do it at all.” WB Jan 2007