Art Media: Book Art & Mixed Media

Rachel Larkins

Rachel graduated with an MA in Sequential Design/ Illustration in 2013 following an early training in Textile Art. She has been making automata, figurative sculptures and jewellery inspired by folklore and fairy tales for almost 20 years. Diverse past clients include Hove Museum & Art Gallery, musician PJ Harvey, footwear design company Jeffery West of London and… Read more »

Caius Shaw MA RCA

Caius Shaw’s work is both evocative and illusionary, exploring the movement of light and shadow. His drawing tools and processes include wire, etched glass, cut out paper and print. Caius’ use of line and linear narrative allow the viewer a moment of contemplation, a fresh perspective perhaps. He seeks to surprise through simplicity. This work… Read more »

Elizabeth Barnett

Elizabeth is an artist, designer, illustrator and quilt maker. She works in a variety of media including; etching, relief, drawing, painting and textiles. Elizabeth’s exploration into ideas surrounding travel, notions of ‘home’, and narrative are central to her work. She places a particular emphasis on the artist’s role as documenter, cartographer and storyteller. Motifs and… Read more »

Jayne Lennard

‘Working in sculpture my materials are invariably found, as I attempt to transform discarded objects into meaningful and coherent ideas- to shape and discover new meaning. It is the quality of decaying materials which fascinates, the richness of texture, a story already attached; it is then a matter of bringing these various objects together into… Read more »

Jessie Chorley

‘From a young age making things was a huge part of my life, and this is where my making of books began. My mother has a huge cottage garden and I kept amongst other scrapbooks and journals, a garden diary. We collected all the different plants and flowers from each season. The result being this… Read more »