Artist: Caius Shaw MA RCA

Abergavenny Food Festival 2007

An exhibition of special ingredients – platters, plates, jugs and cups, with slips and glazes to enhance your food. Commissioned works – photography, etchings, lino/wood blocks, paintings & drawings by selected artists. ‘Dining is and always was a great artistic opportunity’ – Frank Lloyd Wright Featuring work by photographer Toril Brancher – Associations – photographs… Read more »

Artist in the Garden – Summer Show 2009

A summer assortment of new artists and Art Shop favourites. Printing on textiles workshop with Cornelia O’Donovan RCA

Fauna & Folly

Two RCA graduates, an illustrator and designer, combine craft based techniques with playful narrative to produce a poetic mix of works – collage, drawings, plates, dolls, light sculptures, shadow drawings and more.