Exhibition opening on Saturday 13 May 2-4pm. 


‘These paintings are inspired by the transient passage of light as I attempt to capture the temper and spirit of the moment. Humans follow light as light follows darkness and darkness pursues light. A break in the clouds of a snow-filled sky that dazzles. The sun reflected on frozen surfaces. The changing twilight that mutes colours, leaves them struggling to find structure; the dawn light not quite able to define the familiar. Distant lights remind us that other lives have stories. The moon holds us enchanted, takes us outside of time.’

Kumar studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, going on to study painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Here he won several awards and prizes, including the David Murray travel scholarship for landscape painting and a silver medal for excellence in painting.  Kumar has exhibited in galleries throughout England and Wales, and his work can be found in both private and corporate art collections in the UK and abroad.

Accompanying this exhibition are a series of poems created by Kumar and Claire Saraff in collaboration. Painting titles can often be evocative and sometimes enigmatic, stirred and rolled together they create a narrative. These narrative poems become a journey or further insight as you move around the gallery space.


All work is available to buy through Collectorplan from the Arts Council of Wales. This is an interest free credit scheme for the purchase of original, contemporary artwork.