Upstairs at The Art Shop

Matt Caines studied Architectural Ornament after first completing a Fine Arts Degree. He designs and carves in stone, wood, marble and after recently living and working amongst the Inuit people especially with one of the Arctic’s finest artists, Goota Ashoona, he now produces exquisite carvings in shed antler.

Amanda Caines creates hand stitched and bound fabric jewellery using collected ceramics, carved wood, recycled silver and objet d’art. Her stitch work has led onto drawings, paintings and large works on canvas.

These two artists have lived and worked together for the last 28 years.

There is a measure of great strength in their interaction producing effusive and lyrical works – innovative and expressive drawings, paintings, carvings, stitch work and jewellery.

Two individuals with one goal. ‘Intersection’ – a point common to lines and surfaces that intersect. This definition is certainly true of the work of Matt and Amanda Caines whose stitched and drawn lines have often crisscrossed while running parallel in life and in art.