Amanda Caines creates unique hand stitched and bound fabric jewellery and icons using semi precious stones, wood, object d’art and tumbled glass.

‘I believe my early love of beads and jewellery stems from visits with my grandmother to the Greek church, where I was captivated by the colour, decoration and mystery of the icons, especially those set in gold and embellished with myriad’s of precious stones. From childhood I have always been a magpie, collecting anything that captured my eye or imagination. I have always led a creative life but it wasn’t until 1999, inspired by a trip to Mexico that everything fell into place, and I knew I wanted to make jewellery.

I have created a special technique of combining found objects, glass and semi precious stones together with vintage jewellery pieces which are then stitched onto a bound fabric base. Each item is unique and cannot be replicated. I love the fact that i am creating contemporary jewellery using discarded pieces that have been worn and loved. I feel it lends to my work a sense of history and continuity.’

In November 2010, with her new collection of work, Amanda won the ‘New Traditional Jewellery’ Award at Sieraad, the International Jewellery Art Fair held in Amsterdam.