Enjoy the exhibitions on view, with ‘On the Table’, an abundance of new works, cupboards full of gorgeous ceramics by some of the very best contemporary makers. Thrown and hand built jugs, plates, bowls and drinking vessels, enduring and timless with sumptious glazes. Kaori Tatebayashi, Dylan & Jane Bowen, Helen Beard, Philomena Pretsell and Kate Scott. Alongside recent graduate Katherine Andrews’ 28 piece Aynsley tea service with screenprinted and gold lustre embellishments, based on the darker side of feminine beauty as promoted in Victorian advertisements.

Showing again at this years festival will be more vibrant work by The Arthouse, with an exciting new collection of Paintings, drawings, textiles and cards, with a sweet flavour… Exquisite culinary lithographs, drypoints and drawings by Rachel Eardley.

Unusual, quirky enamel brooches by Buddug are shown with Amanda Caines’ jewellery, which combine found objects, glass and semi precious stones together with discarded vintage pieces that have been worn and loved. A highlight of the exhibition will be Jayne Lennard’s very collectable, idiosyncratic hangings and mobiles made from printed metal and fine wire. Also introducing Cavallini’s new collection of decorative wrappings.

Chance Encounters

Friday 19th September 6 – 8pm

Join Soil Sisters Miche and Daphne in the Art Shop Gallery for Chance Encounters. Chance Encounters invites you to sip and savour the colourful and restorative organic aperitifs and artisan concoctions, freshly prepared and blended from plants, fruits and herbs and combined with heart-warming spirits. Complimented with an extravaganza of tasty finger food to whet the palate and sustain the planet! Come dressed in fine plummage!

With music by BYRDE. Take 3 women, bagpipes, shawms, recorders, a tambourin de Beaune and gallibet, ankle bells – even bird callers- music from 13th to 17th Century Europe and you have encountered The Thrill of the Chase…

The call of the birds in the woods, the sound of hunting horns in the distance, pastoral scenes of merry making …this programme is inspired by the many pieces of music written reflecting the joys of the pastoral idyll and the thrill of the chase.