A Winter Circus of make believe. Cabinets of curiosities, extravaganzas of peep shows, this is a place where talented makers and performers come together.

The circus has a deep attraction with artists, makers and performers.

Painters, printmakers, jewellers and ceramic artists at The Art Shop have collaborated to put on a show of story telling and humour, clowning and nonsense, games and transformations, fantasies and pleasures.

One of the many artists exhibiting, Alexis Snell, has a room of exquisite assemblages of cut-out circus acts, shadow installations, boxing kangaroos, a fortune telling box, limited edition playing cards and more.

Come and be entertained, amused, delighted and surprised. This is a celebratory winter show for all. Gather ideas and inspiration for Christmas in our shop.

By the way, on Sunday 9th December a Winter Food celebration is being held in the old market town of Abergavenny. Stock up for your Christmas feast, come and warm yourself at The Art Shop with some mulled wine and treats.