‘… Strange things catch my eye. Something I have seen for the first time. It may be an atmosphere (indefinable) or it may be as simple as an arrangement of shapes and colours. I like urban settings, places which humans have humanised. I like the way shadows fall across different surfaces, the way light plays on form. The colours in the hills against the sky.’

Thomasin was awarded Best Newcomer-Welsh Artist of the Year, 2005. Following her move to the Rhondda Valley and the completion of an MA in Fine Art, Thomasin exhibited her solo show ‘South Wales Discovered’ with The Art Shop in 2006. Since then, Thomasin has exhibited in the National Eisteddfod, where the official bard wrote two poems about her work which were then published in Taliesin. She also took part in the touring show ’60 Years of the Welsh Group’, the first venue being the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth.