A gallery filled with colour – our annual summer show. As any gardener knows, this is the time when our gardens really start to perform – verdant green, lush gardens bursting into colour.


Matt Caines – Drifts of…small enough to hold in a hand, Inuit inspired exquisite carvings in shed antler – birds, fish, bears.

Dylan Bowen – A table scattered with tiny slip-decorated plates, large platters & plates.

Clementina van der Walt – Just arrived from Cape Town, piles of chic, cream plates & bowls interspersed with vermillion & indian yellow.

Louise Brosnan RCA – Collection of tiny collages & gouaches.

James Burnett Stuart – A profusion of jugs, leaf & flower plates of varying sizes.

JEWELLERY – Playful, elegant, stylish, contemporary one-off pieces by Kaz Robertson, Marlene McKibbin, Syann van Niftrik & Louise Brosnan RCA.

…and backdrops of framed paintings, large and small.

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