Category: Ceramics

Mother’s Day 2013

A Mother’s love is… …special, nurturing, enduring, brave, fearless, supportive and protective – a guiding light. A cupboard full of domestic ceramics by James Burnett-Stuart… ‘I like the way pots enter our lives stealthily, benignly, and exert their quiet influence.  As companions, offering beauty, comfort, practical service, sensuous experience all in a modest almost subliminal… Read more »

A few more Christmas delights…

A few more Christmas delights from our winter show ‘Where the Wonderful Happens’…

Abergavenny Food Festival 2012

Come and enjoy our celebration, starting on Saturday 15th outside our shop in our pop-up painting studio with Kumar Saraff, who will be painting and drawing from a still-life table of delicious foods. Come and observe a Royal Academy Schools trained artist at work. At 1pm there will be live music by Carmina, “a superb… Read more »

William Brown – Some newly discovered work

‘The design of his pictures might be glaringly simple, the colour dazzlingly pure and his calligraphy instantly readable by a child, but the meanings remain tantalisingly elusive.’  Laura Gascoigne ( ‘From under the bed’  2009 exhibition at The Art Shop) Our current exhibition ‘Some newly discovered work’ runs until 22nd September. This is a rare… Read more »

Marks of Intent

See gallery images here from ‘Marks of Intent‘ by painters, Nicky Hodge and Helen Booth (winner of a  Pollack Krasner Award). Exhibiting alongside are ceramics by prestigious makers such as  Wally Keeler, Helen Beard and Kaori Tatebayashi. You can also see a small collection of jewellery by Syann van Niftrik, Marlene McKibbin and Amanda Caines…. Read more »

The Artist & The Decorated Goose Egg

We have filled our window with artist decorated goose eggs by illustrators, painters, jewellers, printmakers, stone-carvers and ceramic artists. Each one is unique, quirky and beautiful. Each a little piece of art to be treasured. These eggs are blown and very robust. All eggs are for sale. Happy Easter to you all…