Art Media: Painting

Shelagh Wilson

Shelagh completed an MA in Renaissance Literature and Culture in 2006.  She taught English up until 2013 and now concentrates on her art. ‘My paintings and drawings are primarily an emotional response to a subject rather than what I see. When I paint, I become absorbed in memories, colours and favourite motifs such as birds,… Read more »

Lily Irwin

Lily is an Irish artist based in London. She is currently studying for an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at Cambridge School of Art. Lily’s work is rooted in observational drawing, finding the seeds of inspiration in the world around her – the past also plays a dominant role, exploring characters and their worlds through… Read more »

Philippa Robbins

‘Magical thinking’ could not be bettered as a word-window into the art of Philippa Robbins. Her themes are magical, often found in folklore, fairytales or the manifestations of the strange around us, but just as magical is her transubstantiation of thoughts into haunting visual images – her translation of woven baskets into a drawn language… Read more »

Cornelia O’Donovan MA RCA

Cornelia O’Donovan plays with old folklore and poetry, but in a loose and dreamlike way. She draws particularly on tales native to the British Isles, and especially Celtic poetry and myth – from the tale of Prince Llewellyn’s grief at the sacrifice of his greyhound Gellert being, to the figurative ballads of Ellen O’Leary and… Read more »

James Burnett-Stuart

James trained at Harrow College, made ranges of tableware for The Conran Shop, Designer’s Guild and Egg. Pots from this period were often featured in magazines like World of Interiors, Elle Decoration and Country Living. He has held solo shows of more individual pieces at The Scottish Gallery (Edinburgh), Egg (London) and Charleston Farmhouse (E.Sussex)…. Read more »

Kumar Saraff

Kumar Saraff studied Fine Art at Nottingham Trent University, going onto study painting at the Royal Academy Schools. Here he won several awards and prizes, including the David Murray travel scholarship for landscape painting and a silver medal for excellence in painting. After graduation Kumar worked within the Art and Design department of a large west… Read more »

Louise Brosnan MA RCA

Louise graduated with an MA from the Royal College of Art in 1988, after a printmaking extended study course and Fine Arts degree at Camberwell School of Arts. Since then she has successfully worked in many other art forms including textiles, film/animation and ceramics, with a recent dedicated return to painting. Louise’s work draws on… Read more »

Steve Brockett

Born in Worthing UK in 1960, Steve moved to Wales as a child and undertook his professional training in Fine Art and Painting at Cardiff. Between 1985 and 2002, he exhibited widely and developed an international reputation for Kite Art. In the early 90’s Steve began spending time in Spain and in 1998 returned to… Read more »

Susie Bright

Since graduating in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College in 1999 and then moving to South Wales in 2001, Susie’s work has evolved from the wild and vivid paintings of the Welsh Mountain weather in all its beauty and terror to look more closely at the environment of this special landscape. Her work has become more… Read more »

Thomasin Toohie

‘… Strange things catch my eye. Something I have seen for the first time. It may be an atmosphere (indefinable) or it may be as simple as an arrangement of shapes and colours. I like urban settings, places which humans have humanised. I like the way shadows fall across different surfaces, the way light plays… Read more »